A complete body movement system to support a healthy, active, and creative life.

It comprises 3 movement elements : F8F Tone, F8F Balance, and F8F Dance.

Figure8Fusion Tone

Upbeat and challenging. This class is a full body toning experience set to music.

Come prepared to move, sweat, have fun, and to enjoy the group dynamic.

Focus is on toning legs, abs, back, butt, arms and shoulders, all with the aim of supporting a strong, long- lasting dance practice.

Figure8Fusion Balance

Calm and centering. This class focuses on stabilizing different centers of the body such as the sacrum, shoulders, and rib cage.

Emphasis is put on small, controlled leg and arm movements while engaging the core, and mostly maintaining a neutral pelvis. Some basic breathwork is also introduced.

F8F Balance supports a healthy, life-long injury free dance practice.

Figure8Fusion Dance

Inspired by Indian classical dance, Tribal fusion belly dance, and Butoh, this style is expressive, with a dose of strength and grace shining through.

This class trains the isolation of body parts and the articulation of joints such as the wrists, shoulders, rib cage, and hips.

Technique will be taught in the form of steps or drills, and only after regular repetition over a long period of time comes the true sense of the dance form.

F8F Tone and Balance are highly recommended to complement this class. They help develop and maintain strength, mobility, core strength, and body awareness to better support the dancer.

Figure8Fusion Kids

Fun and engaging. An age appropriate combination of all of the 3 aspects of F8F : Tone, Balance, and Dance.