The Travelers


“Ah, not the early evening dawn has faded away.

The half-covered star was rising high.

Isn’t it time for a good person?

It’s time for the good person

To go home from the field.

Go home.

Oh, you my servants, my faithful brothers,

You come to me.

Bring a trio,

Bring three grey-haired horses to sit with me.

Sit down and then go.

Go home.”


In loving memory of Aria Moore (22.10.1988 – 26.6.2021)

dancers: Ampinee Suwunsawet & Natasha Devalia

vocals & choreography: Aria Moore

video artist: Nok Chuanpit

music: I’ll be missing you by Puff Daddy featuring Faith Evans

produced by Studio Figure Eight

filmed at Koh Samui on July 5, 2021